StreetAnalytics is a service that can give detailed insights in the utilization of infrastructure by analyzing traffic with a LIDAR camera. The installation consists of a small car that has been outfitted with a custom LIDAR installation.

Functionalities of the sensor include, but are not limited to: scanning the environment, counting different road users (e.g., cars, bicycles, pedestrians), measuring acceleration, speed, changes in direction and braking behavior (a possible indication for near-collisions), and how traffic uses the infrastructure (e.g., where and how long cars stop or how pedestrians cross the road). This sensor can serve many purposes and is for example already applied in the case of self-driving cars. However, this may also be quite beneficial for provinces, municipalities, and consultancies to determine how people use intersections, highways and other spaces to make the right infrastructural changes to improve traffic safety or to gather data for a traffic signal installation. StreetAnalytics is a direct competitor with other types of traffic analysis technology like drones or cameras with AI, but may be the most versatile option because of multiple perks of working with a sensor instead of a camera.

The big advantage of this service is that it is possible to create a complete picture of any traffic situation and to discover possible flaws in the road design. Unlike a camera or traffic counters, StreetAnalytics LiDAR solution is able to track all kinds of metrics, such as the speed, height and reflectivity of an object. With only one sensor, it can record in a 360 degree view of up to a 100 meters: ideal for a roundabout or cross-section. For stakeholders like the municipality, this would save a lot of time and money on research and subcontracting as this makes it way easier to reach a conclusion about the safety of a certain traffic location.

Province of Overijssel and Province of Friesland
Software, hardware