Better insights into traffic behaviour with detailled 3D data.

Collect highly detailed data about traffic behaviour and easily view it in your browser. Deployable on short notice, no expensive changes to the infrastructure or privacy-sensitive cameras.

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StreetAnalytics is a service that can give detailed insights in the utilization of infrastructure by analyzing traffic with a 360-degree 3D LiDAR camera.

We use mobile installations on tripods, moveable poles, and small cars that can be deployed anywhere in The Netherlands on short notice. No costly or damaging changes to the road infrastructure required.

Unlike a camera or traffic counters, the StreetAnalytics LiDAR solution is able to track all kinds of metrics with high precision. The position of each object is accurate within a few centimeters, and we can automatically track the path and speed it is travelling. With only a single sensor, it can record in a 360 degree view of up to a 100 meters: ideal for a roundabout or cross-section.

Our software models automatically detect all different types of road users (e.g. cars, bicycles, pedestrians). We count and collecting statistics, making overview maps visualizing traffic flows, measure speed, direction and (de)acceleration to easily detect abrupt braking or near-collisions.

With our online tool you can easily explore the data yourself and learn how traffic uses the infrastructure. All data is also available to download, and we offer integration with Jupyter Notebook and an AI chat to easily explore the data yourself.

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