We design and build software and hardware to solve practical problems.

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What we do

Mindhash helps other companies innovate through technical consultancy, building proofs-of-concept, and collaboratively engineering software and hardware with our multidisciplinary team of engineers.

We can help you identify opportunities & issues using our technical knowledge, set up experiments and create prototypes, build custom software and hardware to solve your challenge. We’re experienced with embedded software, microcontrollers, Internet-of-Things devices, worldwide connectivity, web scale software architecture, product and UX/UI design,and will work with you and your engineers to find the solution that best fits your businesses needs.

Recent projects

We’ve worked on few projects we’re quite proud of. Let us show you around!

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Cashbacks with Tikkie


Introducing Possie by Mindhash - The dedicated POS for instant cashback via Tikkie!

Victron Energy

GlobalLink 520

Mindhash co-created the GlobalLink 520, a small device which allows users to connect their Victron-powered energy systems to the internet from anywhere in the world using 4G LTE-M.