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Mindhash is a small Dutch software engineering company founded in 2018 and currently based at the High Tech Systems Park (HTSP) in Hengelo. At Mindhash we design and build complex software and hardware to run it on. We work on a few of our own products, on engineering projects with partners and/or for customers, on experiments and prototypes that help us explore new ideas and technologies, and we help other companies innovate through technical consultancy and building proof-of-concepts. We are nerds, we love technology, and try to pick the projects that we do based on whether they provide an interesting challenge for us.

Examples of projects we are currently working on include StreetAnalytics (LiDAR cameras which 3D scan various types of traffic and analyse point clouds to provide insight and help improve road safety), the GlobalLink series of devices we developed for Victron Energy (microcontroller based IoT devices that connect over LoRaWAN or LTE-M to enable remote read-out of solar and battery systems all around the globe), the Cubewear indoor navigation system (ceiling-mounted, cube-shaped screens which provide live navigation, display various information, and even run some interactive games).

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