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Mindhash is a one and a half year-old tech startup based on the High Tech Systems Park (HTSP) in Hengelo. At Mindhash we focus on the first 80 percent, leaving final implementation and support to our customers / partners. Together with our customers we try to create proof-of-concepts through a process of design thinking and rapid prototyping that suit the customer’s needs.

Our more notable products include Roomwiz, an e-paper based solution for meeting room booking for Liberty Global International, and the global Victron LoRaWAN module, an IoT module that connects your Victron solar and battery solutions to the LoRa network, enabling remote read-out all around the world using Victron’s Remote Management portal. One of Mindhash’s newest projects is TrafficSense. With TrafficSense we can analyze road traffic using LiDAR cameras that create a 3D scan of the environment using rotating lasers.

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